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Spanish Teacher Training

There are several approaches to Spanish teacher training:

  • Online Gen21 Training – Just like the English program.  Candidates receive their login info once they are accepted in the TTP.
  • Correspondence Training – For those with no internet access. Candidates receive a series of courses on a CD with printed tests which they complete and return to CCL Central. They have the assistance of a Teacher Trainer. This format allows couples to work at their own pace.

Requirements for On-line and Correspondence training:

  • Couples interested must have experience with CCL’s Sympto-Thermal Method
    • Attended an NFP Series
    • Learned via a Home Study Course
  • Download Spanish Application

CCL also offers a:

  • Two-Weekend Seminar – A fast-paced intensive workshop with an “on site” session  during the first weekend, followed later with a virtual session for the second weekend. This is recommended for candidates who are willing to work in a high-intensity environment and want to complete their training as soon as possible. There are some additional requirements candidates need to complete before the seminar.

Requirements for the Two-weekend Seminar:

  • 5 Accepted Couples is the minimum to schedule a seminar
  • Candidates must be accepted prior to Seminar
  • 6 months of experience using CCL’s method, prior to certification
  • Dates and location need to be coordinated with trainer

Host will:

  • Cover Seminar Trainer expenses for the first weekend (transportation, meals and lodging)
  • Recruit the candidate couples
  • Supply meeting room
  • Provide childcare for Candidates (if needed)
  • Offer refreshments, lunch (on-site), breaks
  • Have access to equipment (on-site)
    • Video projector
    • Internet connection
    • Camera
    • Microphone

Trainer (CCL) will:

  • Provide Pre-Seminar materials to candidates
    • Includes required readings and practice charts
  • Send Seminar binders to host/site
  • Provide instruction and testing required for certification
  • Certify those candidates who complete all the requirements

CCL’s Teacher Training is free of cost for the student couple.

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